Welcome to the Wiki for You're Going to Love This Kid! District 87 In-District Class! This wiki is a place where we can share information as we journey through this Paula Kluth book and our class meetings, and I add new information all the time as it comes my way or I do additional trainings/workshops. Feel free to add pages, related links, and thoughts and ideas as you see fit.

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​District 87 FALL, 2012 Syllabus

DISTRICT 87 Spring, 2012 Syllabus

Here is the syllabus for the class when it was taught for [[#|college credit]] for ROE #17.

Paula Kluth's website
Paula’s website offers a plethora of resources including her blog and readings on autism, differentiated instruction, inclusive schooling, and literacy along with her “tip of the day.” Click on the link above [[#|to start]] exploring.

The Autism Acceptance Project
This website is part of an initiative to promote the acceptance of and accommodations for people with Autism in society.

This is JoLynn Plato's Blog.. Feel free to read this one and subscribe or just thumb through her other entries. She is SO bright!

This is the link to the HILLIA 2014 You're Going to LOVE This Kid! workshop