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The wikispace I created

Robyn Cashen

Julie Vesper

Carolyn Sunkel -
The product that I chose to create is an “All About Me” project that is based off of the “Story of My Life” book project on page 100 in the book. I have written out the directions that the students will need to follow in order to create the different pages of information that will be displayed on a bulletin board when it is each student’s turn to be the “Star Student of the Week”. The purpose of this is so that the students can learn about each other and it can build community within the classroom. I have also included pages at the end that could serve as a template for students so that the headings of the pages are already there for them, all they would need to do is cut the paper in half.

Julie Basting

Toni Boomgarden
For this assignment, I chose to revise a form that I use every time I see students. I wanted to provide an area to document contact with families. Because it is on this form, I will have the opportunity to easily see the date of contact, who I spoke with, and what it concerned. I am aware that if the number of times or things discussed are numerous, I will need to continue documenting, possibly on the back of the page. Although this may not look the most professional, it would certainly achieve my goal of increased parent contact.

Ellen Main

I have two ideas for my projects. First, I am creating a list of books for a staff book club. We had a book club five or more years ago and there are a few of us that have discussed starting the club up again. The other idea is to create a list of strategies and other ideas I would like to use or modify for my classroom. Anne Portz

I created a WANTED poster template that can be used in the classroom so ALL students know each others strenthts, wants (to learn) or things they need help with, and interests. I plan on using this with my students at the beginning of the year and putting on a bulletin board for all to see the uniqueness of each student in the classroom. - Chistine Mitchell

Attached are electronic copies of my project that turned into projects. I had some of our Bent School PBIS Cool Tool routines already created last year. I added some of my own personal routines with checklists. I plan to get all of the routines on video for students to review.

I also have a personal wish to improve my writing activities. It can be so difficult to work in writing when we have such prescribed interventions, none which focus enough on writing. So I found a list of what I hope are “student centered prompts” that any student probably would be able to draw ideas from personal experience. I added pictures from Google. I also found some “story stems” that could be used for scribing activities in pairs. -- Sue Warren

Attached is my project and description. Logan Beckman

Jillian Johnson
Parent Survey

"And the Survey Says..." I wanted to find another way outside of test data to get to know my students as learners. Based on Ch. 3 The Role of the Teacher ~ 10 Ways to Support Students with Autism and Promote Inclusive Schooling~ I created a survey (work in progress) that requires not only teacher reflection and input but most importantly student reflection and input.

Beth Hendricks
I just set some goals for the coming year and talk about how I plan to improve collaboration using a few ideas from the book