Robyn Cashen
Book Study: You're Going to Love This Kid!
Summer 2011
Assignment 4 Project.

For my project, I decided to create a checklist of things for me to be doing throughout the school year when working with ASD students. The purpose of this is to make ASD students as comfortable as possible in the school environment, improve communication and collaboration between home and school, between team members, with administration, and most importantly with the student.
My goals are to be better informed on my ASD students, to make our social work time meaningful to them, and to be a much better advocate for them when planning programing for them in staffings and IEP meetings.

Socail Worker Checklist for working with ASD Students

  • Contact family and get specific information on movement differences, sensory differences, tactile sensitivity, visual sensitivity, olfactory sensitivity, food issues, learning differences, areas of interest, family issues, communication preferences, and social differences.
  • Inform administrators and teachers of information gathered from the family.
  • Inform support staff about the student's needs and differences i.e. Bus driver, teaching assistants, cafeteria staff, hall monitors, janitors, office staff, PE teacher, and Arts for Life teachers.
  • Talk with student about what they like and what they don't like and what is helpful and what isn't.
  • Ask student what they want to learn about in terms of social skills and if the ones I'm trying to teach cause discomfort to them.
  • Ask student if my office/classroom surroundings are comfortable (lighting, seating, decorations, etc.).
  • Develop a "buddy list" at 6th, 7th, & 8th grade levels of non ASD students that are socially awkward and introverted that would be appropriate to buddy up with an ASD student(s).
  • Get consents from parents/guardians of ASD and non ASD students to buddy up together.
  • Schedule monthly community-building activities for social skills groups.
  • Check IEP's for individualized behavior plans and make sure they meet the student's needs and apply to a junior high setting.
  • Go over IEP social work goals and behavior plan with student and check for understanding, questions, feelings, and their input.
  • Ask student if they would like to try and communicate with pictures or writing/keyboarding instead of talking.
  • Contact parents monthly for home/school updates.