I have created a "Lista it Here"jpage for my staudent. It is divided into three areas. The first area the student m;;ust write is " What I know"- second area is "What I Want to Know" and the third area is "What I learned." This has already been used in class and the constant blurting things out loud in class has almost stopped. MY student just writes it down. Also any questions she may have is written down and I answer them at the end of the hour or the next dya. I have done this for all my students in this large challenging class. I also included classroom jobs for my student and others so they are busy at the beginning of the hour and at the end. It includes handing out Health folders, erasing the board, sharpening pencils, collecting papers, checking if we hav kleenexs, hand sanitizer is full and we have plenty of paper. This is another tool for time management in a larg class and it is working. The relationship with my student has improved with better behavior and trust. I will continue this into the next. semester. Mary Pat Brady