I've pulled some social stories and modifications that teachers have made for Kira for you all to see. Feel free to steal any ideas or modify them for your own use with students!

This is the letter that I request go in the front of her IEP folder and that I will read at the IEP meeting tomorrow. (8th grade)

Video modeling for Kira working on Independence 8th grade

What Kira received prior to going to High School this year 2012-2013

Kira's Behavior monitoring system this year 2012-2013

from Susan Stokes' at 10-23-12 conference

Weekend update sheets to try with Kira from her case manager, Laura Dickenson. We print these off on Friday, leave them on the table, and she fills it out as we go. Then, on Monday, she takes them with her to school so she can share her weekend activities in Social Thinking class as well as in general with peers.

one sample of a weekend sheet used with Kira

NEW added 4/18/13
This is a sample of what Kira gets on a daily basis to prepare her for her day at school and let her know about her evening.
Recently, Kira has had some difficulty at school keeping her hands to herself (hitting when frustrated) and has newly acquired skills in swearing. In order to help reinforce that she make good choices at school, I created this visual and laminated it so we have copies at both school and home. It serves as a reminder to pre-correct those behaviors as well as a visual for the days when she does swear or hit at school and doesn't get to use her electronics at home.

This is the checklist Laura Dickenson created for Kira to use after school with her French tutor. Oftentimes, they do not have enough homework to fill the hour and a half Mariah spends with her, so this gives options of how they can reinforce French and practice during their time. Kira uses a vis-a-vis marker to check when all steps have been completed and gets a token for completion of all tasks (and she LOVES tokens).
I took Laura's check list and re-invented it for use in the tub to work on Kira's independence in that area. She is now, most nights, doing these steps independently, but the checklist is there (laminated) to serve as a reminder for her.

Kira was having a hard time getting off the computer when her new favorite game, Candy Crush, would time her out at the end of her lives. This is the checklist I modified and is posted by the computer. As always, when she is frustrated, less talking-more visuals help a great deal

Phone example This is one sample social story used with Kira at Penguin Play practice – she was upset that they kept starting and stopping the song to work on nuances and was ramming her head into her mentor. I handed her my phone with this written on it, and she stopped after reading through this social story a couple of times.

Glitch!  Post itlow tech (writing on a post-it) works equally well with high tech!

New this year (2013-2014 school year)