from 10-29-12

Muddy Waters

How do we have time to do all these "post-its" or stories?
Confusing -- New Autism Diagnosis -- why?
Personal struggle -- how to avoid trying to reason with a student in my terms, not theirs
What are some "common" signs of students with autism? What leads to parents getting their kids tested for it?
Here is what I worry about -- forgiving myself for what I haven't done
How do you introduce social stories? At what age/when?
What is the best way to video model at school? (without interfering with class time and attention)
Assignment #5 -- when should we select/design a project? Is it just creating a formative assessment?

Bright Ideas

Visual learning is best -- makes total sense
I will continue with my social stories
To write social stories on my iPhone, video modeling MY daughter with good behavior or students with good behavior
I love hearing your stories. I think it is a good idea for you to share more! :)
Video modeling!!!!!!
I liked first _ then
Group help (others help the student with disabilities) may need to change seating around
Try video of good behavior
Less talking
More visual directions in addition to oral directions. I will allow students to have more opportunities to be independent
Meeting every student at the door with a handshake
Video modeling
Social stories for several students
Visuals and video modeling benefit ALL kids
I will use more social stories

from 11-5-12 PMI Chart


Loved the videos. The way the groups were put together
Enjoyed all the videos & liked being in small groups to discuss the book
Video clips are helpful & I like the format of discuss a chapter small group.whole group discussion, video
Interesting video clips
Thank you for asking our opinion. It feels very relaxing. The small groups help me get to know the other teachers in the district.
Examples of how this manifests in individuals and what has worked for them the most is helpful. Love the speech bubbles in the book
Videos -- haven't seen them previously
Videos & discussions were good
Switching between talking and videos. Small group discussions
Temple Grandin video
Love the mix of videos & discussion. I like the format!
Personal talk, more group talks, videos & format was good


Didn't get to everything
The room was freezing :(
More time with smaller groups to discuss the book (I think people feel more comfortable in smaller groups)
Would like to hear more people discuss during the "whole group discussion period"
As a parent, I have "those" emotions of raising ___ surface -- sometimes unpleasant to remember
The more I learn about autism, the less I feel like I know. Also, now I see more shortcomings in our system :(. I wish IlliniData or IEPs had more information -- "Hates to be touched" or "fascinated with 'World of Warcraft' video-game" etc.
More guiding questions for small group review of chapters -- I didn't so much enjoy everyone's anecdotes that were unrelated to the reading
Writing on wall was pointless for me


Seeing inside the head/life of a person with autism
Carly video, talking with people, hearing your stories
Rosie video --Carly video. Interesting to see examples of people on the spectrum
Good things discussed in small groups
The variety is nice. Your personal stories
Loved the Carly video
So, do you think Carly and the slow typer lady would have been deemed "mentally retarded" (their labels, not mine) 30 years ago? And likely institutionalized? And what if Carly's parents had stopped? B/c you know people must have balked at all those interventions all those years with little apparent return...
Different stories and real-life situations
Videos -- varied examples of people who are autistic
Your stories
All of it!