From 4-2-12 Class

Bright Ideas

Further understanding & knowledge, ideas and strategies -- trials and errors
Obtaining ideas and strategies to make my students feel they are valued and to help me understand their specific needs
Ideas for helping my student
Would like to see more of the video
I am just very excited to learn more about autism and teaching these students! I think the things I learn will help me be a better teacher for all my students! I also want to teach my students about autism to help them understand each other better
Educating myself about this prevalent diagnosis. Learning a variety of strategies to address the needs of my little ones
Learning more about older Aspies
Teaching strategies that can help all students, but especially kids with autism. I'm excited to hear other people's stories & experiences
Learning more about the spectrum -- catching up/reviewing
Learning strategies to help me along the way
Getting more ideas of how to help myself, my students, and colleagues
Hearing Kira stories. Do you know an adult w/autism that would be willing to come in and talk to us? (or a student, just someone to describe what their life is like? or maybe another parent?)
All of it! Love your Kira stories! Keep 'em coming!
Hearing more from the perspective of people who have autism
A better language of how to meet the needs of autistic students
Learning about being a teacher of all students of all abilities at all times

Muddy Waters

Sensory processing & how to help socially
When the definition is so varied, how does diagnosis work?
Person 1st language -- when people don't use it, does it bother you? It does me, but not sure how it feels to someone closer to autism
Is the diagnosis somewhat subjective? (p. 6 Table 1.1) How did Kira find out she is autistic? (How/when did you tell her?)
Nothing so far
I'm good :)
OCD vs autism (not vs., but I always wonder if repetition was autism or a memoir of co-morbidity
I don't know. Already a lot to think about. The video, the book, the conversations...oh my! Understanding autism is difficult because it is ever changing as we learn more. "Many of the things we feel we understand will prove to be wrong" --How challenging!!!!!!
The chapters helped, but the difference between Aspergers and Autism
It seems that there are so many things that can frustrate, unnerve, challenge students on the spectrum. Since there isn't a set pattern, how doe we know what might be bothersome to our students, especially when they have difficulty expressing themselves?
How to define LRE. It seems to be determined by the opinion of a teacher, a team or a district. I saw a definition -- " achieved satisfactorily" what does that mean? Do we need to advocate for more inclusion in D87? If so, how much more? Obviously, there is no perfect right or wrong answer to the above question, but it definitely proves pondering :). What about disruptive behaviors to regular classroom environment? Do you make LRE decisions based on behavioral issues that become disruptive to other's learning?

From 4-12-12 class


I liked how we switched groups. It kept the conversations going. Also liked the movies; I cried during Carly's --loved it!
Powerful videos -- great class discussion today!
Hearing other people's stories to get support
Group discussion
Awesome videos!
Videos * Love the Hurricane Dancing book
Love the videos and group conversations. Also like the ideas for presenting! Sharing Stand & Deliver
Brainstorming group/share, discussing chapters individually w gen. ed teachers, too, exciting that they are part of our group!
Loved the videos
Loved the video clips & like mixing up/grouping
The videos, especially the Marty Murphy video
This conference room was much better for discussions. Love the idea of messages fro students. Hope Marty will speak to us
Discussion & environment :)
Suzy Dees!
Lots of discussion, time went quickly
The Carly video would be great to show at an in-service -- all staff need to be reminded that there is a person behind the behavior
Validation (from book) that I do work hard, I am OK, I have many good ideas, except Paula stole them from me and wrote her book
Finding accommodations across the district regarding class topics
Carly's story, great ideas


Don't give us the pretzels you didn't want to get fat from so that we'd get fat instead!
I wish I had more personal stories to share, too. I only had 1 student with autism and he got a different placement
Videos - I'd already seen them...I'll have to peruse the Wiki to see other videos.
Discussion with other group became very discriminatory concerning "East/West side schools/teachers"
Already seen some of the videos -but doesn't hurt to see again
Didn't like the room
Time goes by too quickly and we don't have as much time to continue the discussions. Conversations regarding East/West schools occurred -- awkward, felt defensive
Reading homework is hard for me to complete, but it's so good!!!!
Not sure I can verbalize how strongly my emotions are revved up from this book and class
Chapter 4 doesn't address the topic of how to interact with families who are not acknowledging child's disability. Some will not accept child's needs in the classroom or will not "team" with educators. What can we do to help these children, especially those with high mobility?
Lots of great ideaas and things to do bu hard to always find enough time in the school day :( w/curriculum requirements)


Alexa book
Everything! Can't get the Canadian girl out of my head!
you mentioned being on the other side of an IEP meeting...what is the one thing you wish the gen ed teacher knew (besides getting to know your child?
Your personal stories!
Teachers sharing stories about students in their classes
Your stories. Thank you for being so open & willing to share
Your perspective as a parent
Normal Folk -- unaware of project -- fascinating!
Sharing real life stories and brainstorming suggestions on how to help solve
Stand & deliver activity
I will learn to use the WIKI. Really interpreted some concepts differently before discussions
The CBS video about the girl who typed to communicate :) SO interesting!
I love the idea of having parents start meetings when they're willing. Sad my reviews are done for this year.
Hearing other people's ideas!
Love the idea of calling the kid instead of the parent
Videos/personal vignettes regarding persons on the spectrum
I didn't know anything about Normal Folk --cool! Love hearing stories about Suzy's experiences

From 4-19-12 class

In my classroom, I am going to...


thinking that all students have to be graded equally (try to)
doing things for my students with autism that I know they can do, even it it takes MUCH longer!
insisting students sit during instruction. Let them stand if they need to stand!! :)
making my kids switch partners/groups so frequently. It's unsettling to me, so it must be for some kids, too
I have to think about this...
forcing socialization
eating/sneaking candy in front of students
finishing sentences for students
being rigid about movement during work completion
talking about ANY kid when others are present
expecting kids with autism to respond to PECs or any strategies autistic people are "supposed" to want
letting student A sit next to student B so student B can become more independent
making kids wear headphones for computer if they don't want to
playing music during work time all of the time just because I like it
relying on fluorescent lighting as it exists in my room


including alternate lighting & maybe stability balls
adding some environmental supports (sensory menu) e.g. headphones, exercise balls (and I don't know what else) for ALL kids to choose from
asking why the behavior is happening -- what are they trying to communicate?
try out the wiggle seat
thinking of sensory needs & look at environment
using post-it notes bi-weekly for students to write something good that has happened (project!)
using some of the strategies for the whole class -- there are undiagnosed needs and differences in the larger population
checking for comfort
using musical cues to let students know that we are changing activities/etc. prior to transitions
paying attention to stimuli in my room
trying things on fluorescent light/ or a lamp
posting classroom routines
noticing patterns that might relate to triggers for children -- sensory things I might alter
offering more choices +gum, +seating, + lighting
playing soothing music during worktime, maybe even softly during instruction time
the compliment chair & attempt sensory issues w/one student in particular
searching for more opportunities to allow my autistic students to be the "helper/teacher"


to embrace the differences in my students because we are all equally different (a poster in my room)
to love my students
creating and building a comfortable classroom/community & building a supportive environment for all students
building relationships
listening to my students
asking my student what he needs/why he is acting out. Currently, she just says I don't know
remind them about turning on lights
having my student w/autism teach her classmates about autism
to have a student of the week opportunity for each student
to be unique
making it an accepting, tolerant, safe place for all of my students
having students have buddies with another person in class
breaking classes into tasks/schedule (checklist)
writing daily schedule on the board
sensory items and breaks
letting kids stand when they nee to
fostering relationships that include ALL & take targets off kids' backs