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OMGoodness! This is a fabulous website that has TONS of pre-written and editable social stories for all occassions. Check it out!

**You MUST visit this website it is Autism Internet Modules**
added 5-31-13

A few words on inclusion for administrators Posted: 09 Jan 2013 07:19 AM

Katy Perry and fan with autism -- awesome article and video of them singing together
National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders --

Minds & Hearts -- Specialized Services for Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Conditions Added 11-5-12

Support4Hope website Added 11-5-12

Susan Stokes' wikiSusan Stokes' wiki Autism Consultant -- added 11-5-12

6 Inclusion strategies for students with autism spectrum disorders GREAT Resource! Added 11-5-12

Moms with apps A blog and great resource that highlights new apps for students on the spectrum at reduced prices once a week. Consider subscribing

Autism Central -- why the definition of Autism will change by the end of 2012This website, in itself, is very good. This particular page on the site explains the why and how of the new definition of diagnosing Autism - added 11/5/12

Autism Science Foundation -- updated OFTEN with the most recent news and information on Autism Added 11/5/12

Positively Autism BlogSpot -- November 2011
This is a GREAT resource! The link below is just for November, but I suggest you subscribe to the blog and, each month, you will get more fabulous resources. This month's highlights include:
Tips for teachers from Individuals with Autism
A Closer Look: Stephen Shore
A Look inside Temple Grandin's Mind
"New Day New Opportunity:" Perspectives of a College Student with Autism
Presuming Intellect: 10 Ways to Enrich Our Relationships Through a Belief in Competence

Sites for Autistic Support Teachers "ALL ABOARD!" This site has a plethora of links to resources. You simply have to click on it to believe how invaluable this site could be for any teacher -- countdown timers, visual aides, and much, much more!

Photo Story 3 Download - I like this Motivation Assessment Scale for helping teams to discover possible solutions to behavior and/or difficult moments. It's by Mark Durand.

This website is AMAZING! Free lessons in everything from Math, Science, and much more -- You MUST check this out!!!!!

I watched this video and I am inspired by Grace!!


External Links:
Use Visual Strategies
PEC Pictures & Icon Images

Boardmaker Share
SmartTech Exchange
Teaching Autism Students in Inclusive Classroom

I think this will get you all to Paula's facebook page if you are on fb! If not, (Christine and Logan!!!!) you should be!!!

Peer to Peer Help slide show
These two links regarding the "least dangerous assumption" have really framed my thinking about my daughter with autism and her educators. I share it with all of them, but don't always see evidence that either has been read, thought about, or discussed. I did have one of my daughter's teachers engage in a very thoughtful and difficult discussion with me based on the articles, and I appreciated the discussion (and the difficult questions that came out of the discussion) more than I think that teacher will ever realize.
This website is one that I used for background knowledge before I presented to my daughter's 7th grade peers. I also offered this website to her teachers in case any of the peers wanted more information. I had mentioned some graphic organizers for inferring. Although I didn't find the one that I wanted, this site has some good info and lots of games for inferring. This one has lots of links for teaching inferencing. Comprehensive site for "Graphic Organizers for Using Reading Strategies."

Here is a parent survey that my team and I have been using for the past couple of years. I am attaching an English and Spanish version.

Paula Kluth's Differentiation Website!. More differentiation ideas than one could ever possibly use, all right here and all from our Guru, Paula Kluth!

From Ellen Main (former participant of this class) Susan Stokes's wiki

From Susan Stokes's wiki

From Susan Stokes's wiki

From Susan Stokes's wiki

Presentation for IASSW 10-25-12 and the timing sheet