As part of our building background knowledge, we will view these videos together on the first day of class or in between classes
Paula Kluth video

Temple Grandin video

This is the introduction film from The Autism Acceptance Project

The only way I can upload the video from my talk with my daughter's class is to first upload it to YouTube. Since, sporadically, students in the class are on the video, I am not comfortable putting it on such a public forum. HOWEVER, if you bring your snazzy flash drives to our next class, I will happily load it on your drive!

Thasya Lumigkewas -- 8 year old with autism who thrives in an included classroom Thasya

Here are a few You Tube Videos that I have found helpful as I try to understand students with Autism:
Beth Hendricks
Carly Fleischmann is an amazing young woman with severe autism. She has been on many national television shows and is very inspirational.
There are many youtube videos about Carly, but this one is a good place to start.
Carly's Voice

6-1-13 Updated information on Carly (see video link above)! Carly has her own website and blog. Check out these links to see what Carly is up to today Carly's Voice website and Carly's Blog

We Thought You'd Never Ask -- Voices of People with Autism (Just a sampling of a DVD by the same name that is much bigger and even more detailed)

GRACE;contentAux 60 Minutes excerpt on the impact of the iPad on students with Autism

Stephen Wiltshire draws Rome from memory

Becoming aware of autism CNN interview with parents and son (a little boring, but "real" people).

Return to Autism -- Marty Murphy This has the 10 part documentary all about Marty by Hollywood film director Graham Streeter

Children with Aspergers syndrome talk about their syndrome

When I have been trying to understand things from the perspective of the student with Aspergers or Autism, I have found it helpful to go to youtube and hear from adults that are reflecting back on their school years and talking about how they cope.
2 that I found interesting and helpful were from the author cycleofsilence attached is one of his series of videos:cylce of silence aspergers

Another man with Asperger's (I believe from Sweden), has a series of videos. I got the idea of sunglasses and a baseball cap to help students 'survive' bussing.
I find him kind of humorous and have gotten some insight watching his videos. This might not be for everyone, but I've found it helpful.
He calls himself InjuredMinds and has quite a collection of videos. Injured MInds Caring for Autistic Teens segment from ABC News in April of 2009. (5:30) CBBC Newsround - My Autism and Me (14:21)
LICENCE - all rights reserved by BBC, CBBC Programmes, Newsround
In this Newsround Special, 13-year-old Rosie takes viewers into her world to explain what it's like to grow up with autism - a condition which affects how children see life, and the way they relate to others around them.
With the help of beautifully crafted animation, Rosie introduces other children who have the condition: Tony, who gets totally obsessed with things but struggles to make friends, Ben, who has suffered from terrible bullying, and Rosie's own little brother Lenny, who turns the house upside-down daily to try and make sense of things. Reported on CNN last night (4-26-12) Autism: Coming of Age WGBY Public Television Documentary (added 11/5/12)