Carol Jackson-Art Teacher at BJHS 6th-7th -8th grade art classes
Art parents “text-art- pix”: Final project

My final project proposal is that I will continue to keep in contact with my parents of integrated autism students by texting photos of student’s in progress artwork. This serves the purpose of documenting the progress of the skills that are developed as well as the mood changes and behavior changes from day to day. This should add some clarity to my current system of calling or emailing the information to the parents.
I have texted a photo of a student to one parent so far. She is a friend so I felt confident that there would not be any misunderstandings. The student was a bit confused why I was sending a photo of his art to his mom. He was happy to know that we were friends before he was in my class, so this activity also served as relationship building with the student.
Before I begin this process with parents I do not know yet, I will ask for their signed permission to photograph the students and guarantee that the image is not shared with others.
I believe all parents would benefit from the reassurance that their student is accepted in the environment and that their educational needs are taken as seriously as the other students in the classroom.